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Need to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol, Remote Desktop Connection) to control the remote Windows system with QuantumATK installed.
QuantumATK 2019.03 can work normally under RDP environment.
However, when you open the Builder or Viewer of QuantumATK 2020.09 under RDP, it hangs (win7 remote, win10 client) or is auto-killed (win10 remote, win10 client) .

Plugin Development / Re: how to edit/rewrite an AddOn
« on: November 1, 2019, 10:28 »
I strongly recommend you to open sources of these AddOns.  Allowing customization is helpful for the development of this software.

Plugin Development / how to edit/rewrite an AddOn
« on: October 24, 2019, 05:35 »
how to edit/rewrite an AddOn

Such as the VibrationVisualizer, I want to change the default background color.

There is no keywords as 'color', in the *.py files in folder:   %intall path%\lib\site-packages\AddOns\VibrationVisualizer

Thx, the second port solves this problem.

i.e., just change the line in  license file from
VENDOR snpslmd /usr/synopsys/scl/2018.06/linux64/bin/snpslmd
VENDOR snpslmd /usr/synopsys/scl/2018.06/linux64/bin/snpslmd  port=28000 
And then add the port 28000 to firewall
# firewall-cmd --add-port=28000/tcp --permanent 
# firewall-cmd --reload

By the way, can both the first and second port  be changed to other values?  If can, then,are there any rules should follow?

The synopsys ATK license server is installed in centos7 system.
  # cat /etc/redhat-release 
CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)
We can cennect to the license server in this centos7 system, and run atkpython fine.

However can not cennet to this license server in other computers. unless we stop the firewall in centos7 license server:
  # systemctl stop firewalld.service 

That means that we can not solve this problem by add a port in firewall:
# firewall-cmd --add-port=27020/tcp --permanent
# firewall-cmd --reload
# firewall-cmd --list-ports

anyway to start the firewall and use the licenses server at the same time?

some bias or gate voltage are not converged while doing IVcharacteristics.

any way to delete the data of those voltage, and then calculate it again? or do more times of SCF from the converged states (set the converged states as initial state)?

by way,question 2 : how to delete a object form hdf5 files in comand way instead of by vnl ?


Maybe you should search the scripts in other sites (such as docs, forum), and rebuild links to the new website, and to avoid the errors or 404.

link' test (find err) could be done by codes, instead of hands.

It is redirected to now.
however, a lot of information is not available in synopsys anymore.

so, re-open the ? or use  another domain name? just to show the information on the old website.

I get your idea.


I can't figure out how to set atoms all in an axis or a plane by the 2.0 version MoveTool in ATK2018, however it is very easy in the early versions of MoveTool.

such as, if we want to set a atoms' line  parallel to z axis  (i.e. set  x1=x2=...=xn, y1=y2=...=yn ), in the early version, we can :
1, open the movetool,
2, select two atoms,
3, set the x and y of r1-r0 equal to zero,
Then all atoms will parallel to z axis.

So that, any way to unstall the version 2.0 MoveTool, and then install an early one?

I have got the reason of it.

As you said, you are using the some script from Google.  However, I am in the most fantastic country, china, where the IP of Google is unreachable.
After use a VPN to make IP of Google be reachable, I can see the Search Box in all browsers in my computer.

You can check on this with FermiTeck.

However, if we can still make the  javascript from Google available without connecting to the  IP of Google. That may be wonderful. Just a wish. :'(

Windows 7 64bit.
I tried the Chrome (50.0.2661.102 m)   and IE (11)  .    And non of them can see the search box.

My DNS is given the IP of as,    does it correct?

Gallery / Where does the Search Box of go?
« on: January 10, 2017, 14:26 »
I usually use the Search Box of "" to quickly find the information which I want to read. 
However, this  Search Box is only available several months ago.   It is hard for me to imagine why you delete this Search Box.

I means in the past, all name will listed in Alphabetical order.  which is very convenience to find what I want from a lot of objects in Labfloor.

Now, in the 2016.3,  I can't expect from where to find a nc-object.   I said the "au-*"  in inside the "b-*", means that, I can't understand why the letter "A" is listed inside "B"

You just need to change the sort method of them to be as the same as older visions. i.e.,   sort by Alphabetical order, and if copy in a new file or click a new file, list them at the end of the list of Labfloor.

Yes, I do mean copy the file into a folder in a directory in the project.
However, I tried in a new project, without any nc file in it. And found that all nc file will show in Labfloor.  That to say the err does not exist.

Then, what confused me to think there is a err, is the sorting of name in the Labfloor. As shown in the attachment figure, the au-*.nc is inside the b**.nc.

in the past, them should be listed by name. and if we copy a new nc file into the project folder, or click to chose a nc file, this file will listed in the bottom of Labfloor.
it is convenience for me to find a nc file in Labfloor.

However, now, I am exactly do not know where to find my nc file from a lot of files.

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