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Thank you,Now I can use Job Manager to deliver tasks to the supercomputer. Our school  supercomputer has two login addresses, and I  change the IP address to 203 and it run .But I use xshell to login 203 and 204 is the same account, login in 204 can also use the command “sabtch atk.slurm” to submit the task, I don't know why,but it  possible doesn't  matter. .

users use high-performance computing clusters, need to log in to the cluster of landing nodes login1/login2, can log in through a variety of ways. The ip address of the login1 is the ip address of the;login2 is ; the two landing nodes have the functions of shunt and redundancy.

This is my out file.

Thank you,it is my .bashrc file.

Thank you. Here is the result of my entire input "ssh liuxiaolin@ 'echo $0; echo $SHELL; env'"

Thank you. I put the output in the output.txt file.

I tried, but it still couldn't work. Here are my settings.

Hello, I can log in to my supercomputer server, I can use the "which bash" command and the result is "/ usr/bin/bash", or I can use the script command "sbatch atk.slurm" to do the calculation. I list my files in the attachment.

I can't  set remote SLURM of QuantumATK,I need help
It's my setting:

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