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Yes, it would be fantastic if you could add step-by-step instructions!

I have already tried to select two transmission spectra and click on the 'Open all with Transmission Analyzer (Ctrl+O)'. In result I am getting two new windows. In each I see only one spectrum. But I would like to have both plots on one graph - as the old 'Compare Data' worked. How may I do that (except for using 'Compare Data' in the previous version of ATK?)?

Where can I find the 'Compare Data' Analyzer in the T-2022.03 version?

I would like to plot on one graph the transmission spectra from few files.

In previous ATK NanoLab versions, the 'Compare Data' Analyzer was on the right panel under Compare category (together with 'Compare Configurations'). But in the new version of ATK, the right panel does not contain the complete list of Analyzers; only the supplementary tools list.

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