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Dear Sir

I want to calculate the IV for the attached file of nanowire but it is not converging although in bulk form it has already converged. I have changed the k points, reduced step size, increased number of steps, reduced damping factor etc. but not able to converge to require tolerance.

I have also tried to compute the transmission spectrum but it has also not converged above 0.2V.

General Questions and Answers / I-V of graphene nanosheet
« on: May 27, 2021, 14:28 »
Hello sir

Is the number of repetition in graphene nanosheet affects the current or threshold voltage in current-voltage characteristics observed by modeling a two probe device model.

As it is well known that threshold voltage is decided by the band gap observed in density of states of the material but still I am getting two different curves for two different repetition.  one having 7 repetition shows increment of current from zero bias while one having repetition 11 shows some negative values of current and then start increasing around 0.15 V

Dear Sir

I want to model graphene with hydroxyl group (oh-) and adsorb metal ion how the charge is being implemented on system means first i have to model the oh- ion then adsorb it on the sheet and then model metal ion and adsorb it on the oh- adsorbed sheet is it correct way of modelling the charged system or we need to put charges during optimization of the system.

if charges need to put during optimization of the system then what i need to do, should i need to put resultant charge on the system
for example: lets say
                                  charge on OH = -1 e
                                  charge on metal ion= +3e
    then for modelling metal ion adsorption on oh- adsorbed graphene, +2e should be given in the charge box in calculator to model metal ion adsorbed oh- adsorbed graphene

Dear Sir
I have computed the band structure and dos for gas adsorbed cu ion  decorated n doped graphene but it does not matches although i have varied my k points (increased) but it did not matches the band gap obtained in dos is smaller then the band gap obtained from band structure.

Thank you in advance

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