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Thank You Dr. Blom. I was able to get the hexagonal 2D transmission plot using your script.  :)

Dear Dr. Blom,
I tried to run the to plot the hexagonal transmission plot. But the code is not working for me for the ATK version 2020.09. It will be great if you could you help me to plot the hexagonal transmission plot. I'm attaching my .hdf5 file, which is a spinpolarised transmission file.

Thanking You.

I'm trying to get a hexagonal k-resolved 2D transmission plot from my zero bias transmission spectrum. All I was able to get is a square shaped 2D plot. It will be helpful if anyone can guide me how to get the required plot. I want to plot like this as it is seen in the reference 10.1021/acsami.9b01942.
Thanking you
John Donald Raj J

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