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Press R, or Viewer>View>R

Fortunately very easy :-) By pressing R on the keyboard, spatial regions are toggled on/off, both in the Builder and Viewer. You have to ensure that the 3D view is in focus by left-clicking in it with the mouse first. The option is also available in the menu, under Viewer>View

Thank you very much! The tip is greatly helpful!

Dear sir,
        I'm using ATK 2022.12. When I was analyzing the transmission eigenstate using viewer, I found that the device_configuration was automately loaded. The problem is I couldn't find a way to delete the spatial regions, which makes the cut-plane hiddened.
        I try to load the hdf5 file using 2022.03, while it couldn't be loaded due to different version issue.
        Could u help me on this query? Thanks a lot.

Hello all:
              I'm trying to build a p-n junction (I dope 4 units as p-type, and 8 units as n-type) in the source region, while ATK Builder tool recognizes only the first unit as source.
              Is that possible designing a p-n junction in the source region? Glad if you can help.

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