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Hello all,
I have few doubts while building a nano cluster using Wulff Constructor.
1.  How can we decide the parameters like (which planes are to be removed or added, what is the cluster radius and energy) etc? Is it always the closed packed plane must be considered?
2. How can we control the number of atoms present in my nano structure? Because I could not find any option for that. Only thing I can change is the radius size.
3. Now, I am just selecting the metal for which I want the nano structure by clicking on the Builder. Then I am selecting the Wulff constructor and enter the cluster radius. By clicking on the create option, it is building a structure. Is this the correct way to do it?
4.Does the periodicity of the nano structure remain same as that of the bulk?

Thanking you.

I have doubt regarding the selection of the planes. Shall we choose the closest packed plane always?

Thank you.

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