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[1] Webinar: How to perform large-scale and accurate Density Functional Theory (DFT)

[2] QuantumATK T-2022.03 version released on Mar 7, 2022

[3] Welcome to the QuantumATK forum!

[4] QuantumATK T-2022.03-SP1 Service Pack Released

[5] Free Synopsys Webinar on Ferroelectrics Modeling: From Materials to Devices

[6] QuantumATK S-2021.06-SP2 Service Pack Released

[7] QuantumATK S-2021.06-SP1 Service Pack Released

[8] QuantumATK S-2021.06 version released on Jun 7, 2021

[9] Synopsys Webinar on Aug 26: Machine-Learned Force Fields in QuantumATK


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