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--- Quote from: Anders Blom on August 29, 2012, 10:39 ---I have made a collection of 3 useful, fun, cool and hilarious plugins that can be applied to graphene (and in fact any other 2D material) to twist, bend, ripple the structure to see if create buckled structures, half-wrapped tubes, twisted nanoribbons, etc.

To install, please download the attached zip file,   then go to this phen375 review here and Help>AddOn Manager in VNL and click "Local install" to install the file. You should restart VNL to make the plugin active (unless you haven't yet started the Builder in the current VNL session).

Attached are also some examples of systems you can build with this addon!

--- End quote ---
Fun and hilarious plugins? I've found these plugins quite useful for my project work. Installation is easy and it has solved my quite a few problems. I would love to see more plugins like these. Thank you so much for creating these.

Anders Blom:
Thanks for your kind feedback - it was fun to write the plugin, but even better that it's useful!


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