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I am interested in developing import and export of (Tran-)SIESTA files, but I am unsure about how to start making plugins. Where are plugins installed, do users have access to source code of existing plugins etc.? I would like to use the present exporter as a starting point.

I realise, that since you haven't published an API, I might need to do some modification later on, and I'm ok with that.

Anders Blom:
A few things to consider. Plugins are installed in vnl/lib/{python2.7}/site-packages/AddOns and most of them are provided in source code, yes.

Then it depends mostly on which kind of plugin you are after - Builder import/export, or LabFloor filters. But you are right, we haven't published the API (the Viewer and LabFloor ones are still being developed and may change), or good examples. It will come, I promise!

Have a look at the CASTEPFilters, they are very barebones and easy to understand, by providing the minimal required functionality.



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