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Gold nanoparticle coupled with graphene

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Dear all,
I want to simulate optical properties of graphene coupled with gold nanoparticles.How can I build  gold nanoparticles on graphene surface structure?I build Gold nanoparticle,then i put it on graphene and when i optimize this structure,gold nanoparticle atoms diffuse on graphene.I mean it lose nanoparticles shape.

Thank you very much for your time and kind help

Hi. You can tag gold atoms. Then you should look constraint editor options in geometry optimization plugin. You will see tagged atoms. Fixing these atoms is a solutions.

Anders Blom:
Or better yet, making them a "rigid body", that way they stay together in the desired shape, however the entire nanoparticle can move.

Dear Berna
How can I fixed them?I will be Thankful If you explain

Hi. I hope I could help you. My structure has no sense but an example.
Step 1- Create your structure (step1.png)
Step 2- Select gold atoms and tag them by selection tools (step2.png)


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