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Is the free VNL program ended permanently or is it going to restart in future?  :(
Also in case a existing free VNL-GUI user needs to port a license (say due to hardware failure) to a new system, is there any option for such?   ???

Ulrik G. Vej-Hansen:
We hope to re-instate the program of the GUI being free for academics, but I do not have a timeline yet. We will announce it as soon as we can provide the details.

Thanks. And what about possibility to port existing VNL-GUI (academic) licences to a new system?

Ulrik G. Vej-Hansen:
It is unfortunately not possible either.

Hi Team,
May I request you to please provide the users with a free version as it is extremely helpful for us to carry out the research work?

Kindly do the needful.


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