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Check out the  recording and slides of our webinar highlighting the new features and functionalities of the newly released QuantumATK O-2018.06 software package for atomic-scale modeling (the full release letter can be found here).

Notice that VNL/ATK has a new name - QuantumATK. QuantumATK includes quantum mechanical methods such as DFT and semi-empirical models and the following modules: NEGF (Non-equilibrium Green's Function), ForceField, and our advance graphical user interface  NanoLab (former VNL). We are very excited as it is the first major release since we became part of Synopsys in Sep, 2017.

Presented by: Anders Blom, PhD and Umberto Martinez Pozzoni, PhD, specialists in atomic-scale simulations at Synopsys.

During this webinar, discover the following new features and functionalities of QuantumATK O-2018.06:
    • Plane-Wave simulation engine including hybrid functional HSE06
    • New pseudopotentials
    • Performance improvements for periodic and device (with Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function method) density functional theory (DFT) simulations
      Introduction to the advanced StudyObject framework to perform complex tasks such as:
                    -Device geometry optimizations
                    -IV characteristics enabling systematic variation of both, the gate-source and the drain-source voltages of a device
                    -Simulating neutral and charged point defects in bulk materials and interfaces: defect  formation energies and transition levels
    • Special Quasi-random Structure (SQS) generator for simulating alloys
    • New Builder features for building and handling your structures
    • And more new exciting features!

    Synopsys QuantumATK Team
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