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Join us for a free webinar on  Dec 12 featuring a demonstration of the new framework in QuantumATK, Optimize Device Configuration Study Object, for simple and efficient structural relaxation of electronic devices and interfaces. Using relaxed device structures and interfaces in your simulations is important for obtaining reliable electronic properties and electrical characteristics.

The webinar will be held twice on the 12th of December:
12 December, 9 AM CET (Europe) / 1.30 pm IST (India) / 3 pm CST (China) / 5 pm KST (South Korea) / 5 pm JST (Japan)
12 December, 6 PM CET (Europe) / 12 pm noon EST (US East Coast) / 9 am PST (US West Coast)

Duration: 30 minutes (including a Q&A session).
Remember to click on the drop-down menu to choose the most convenient time for you.

Register for the webinar here

Presented by: Petr Khomyakov, PhD, Senior Application Engineer at Synopsys QuantumATK

During the webinar discover simple and accurate structural relaxations using QuantumATK:
  • Learn how to set up Optimize Device Configuration Study Object calculations based on fully-automated Bulk Rigid Relaxation (BRR) method and visualize results using the NanoLab GUI.
  • Discover how the possible expansion or contraction of the device central region in the transport direction, as well as local ion relaxation, can be taken into account. 
  • Find out how the new framework can be used to optimize the geometry of the Ag(100)/Ag(111) interface. 

You are welcome to ask questions throughout the webinar or at the end during the Q&A session.
You can learn more about the relaxation of devices using the Optimize Device Configuration Study Object in this tutorial.

Register for the webinar here
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