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script for transmission spectrum various bias


I am trying to plot transmission coefficient for various bias.

 In the IV curve analysis, I can get the plot of transmission spectra for various bias. But the clarity is not good when I export as image.

I have written  a code which plot transmission spectra at various bias. But the problem is I want to know how to change the colour(as seen in current version of ATK iv analysis additional plot) or drawing line(as in older version of ATK) to specify the bias window in the transmission spectra.

Can I get the script or suggestion on how to create?


Pieter Vancraeyveld:
Can you share your script? Perhaps we can give you some suggestions based on what you have written already.

Thanks for your reply. Hereby, I have attached my script. Kindly look at it.


Anders Blom:
Just add a plot style argument to each plot command. If you want a blue dashed line:

aa.plot(t.energies(), f,t.evaluate(), 'b--', zorder=6,label='1.0 V', )

or more explicitly

aa.plot(t.energies(), f,t.evaluate(), zorder=6, label='1.0 V', color='blue', linestyle='--')

For more  info, see https://matplotlib.org/2.1.2/api/_as_gen/matplotlib.pyplot.plot.html


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