Author Topic: Optical spectrum calculation-how to get the angle distribution?  (Read 67 times)

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This topic may sound to be trivial, but after some reading and searching both in forum and documentation, I still not sure if I understand this well.
If we calculate the Optical spectrum object using Quantum ATK we can plot optical properties of it using “Optical Spectrum Analyzer”.
But what exactly this app is showing when, for example, I select the “Refractive Index”? At first, I could assume that “xx” means the coefficient for the radiation incoming from the X direction, but after documentation lookup, I think that way of thinking is wrong.
Now I understand that this is just the nxx(Lambda) is just the n calculated from the dielectric constant tensor first diagonal element. So this will be n for the wave which electric field oscillates only in the X-axis?
Finally, my question is
Is it possible to recalculate this tensor to the n dependence on the direction of propagation of plane electromagnetic wave with specific polarization?

I’m sorry if the question sounds unclear, I was trying to point out all ambiguities.