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question on transistor simulation tutorial
« on: October 11, 2020, 17:16 »
hi everyone,
I try to simulate graphene nanoribbon transistor ( z shape ) as mentioned in the tutorial. I do some calculations and I got a problem in the interpretation of what is happening in this tutorial. I would wonder if someone can help me. ( in the in this tutorial there is a hydrogen atom which should be removed.)

The result shows a very low transmission in -1 to 1 eV range (Vg=0) using GGA-SZP which is in good agreement with Armchair GNR bandgap IF we consider it very long along z-direction, but in this tutorial, we are studying an armchair in z shape which is very short and if we just split this and add 20 angstrom to the center and getting bandstructure we will see that the bandgap is reduced to 0.2eV which means that due to quantum confinement along z-direction the new (z shape armchair ) has small bandgap which is not in agreed with the transmission results.
I can not understand the channel is considered as a  long armchair ? or is it a small one? or due to very little subbands forming a 0.2 eV gap in this quasi-quantum dot armchair shape structure! we can not get the transmission around it?