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Non-equilibrium momentum exchange simulation


malay srivastava:
In Setting up the non-equilibrium momentum exchange simulation, there is no option for selection of Zmin or Zmax. I am using 2019.12 version. For calculating Temperature gradient, Zmin, Zmax selection is required. Any suggestions , please?

Recent version has been changed in Zmin and Zmax because you can use several plot fitting methods in the plot editor. See the plot edit in the below part of the graph.

malay srivastava:
Sir, I cannot find a plot edit. please find the attachment. Edit plot does not have the option to get the gradient. Also, how to export the data to text file from MD analyzer.

When you click the c-axis in Temperature Profile of the Edit Plot, the center of 3 icons in the below part will be active. You can use several fitting methods of the plot.


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