Author Topic: How to get the photon-mediated transmission for a two-probe junction  (Read 144 times)

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Dear ATK developers and users:

I want to know for a two-probe single-molecule junction, in the Class of Photocurrent,
(1) which region of the junction the photo illuminated on? That is, in the calculation, which region of the excitation is considered?
(2) Is the output photocurrent the current only induced by photon? That is, it does not include the current without photo illumination?
(3) How to get the photon-mediated transmission by using photonMediatedTransmission function? Can you give me an example?
(4) How to deal with the photocurrent calculations for a finite bias voltage applied on the junction? Specifically, how to set the energy lower and upper boundaries for the calculations with respect to a series of photons.

Thanks very much.

/Guang-Ping Zhang
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