Author Topic: LDOS Calculation for Edge-Passivated Germanene Nanoribbons  (Read 215 times)

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Hello, I'm trying to obtain an LDOS graph like the one shown below for edge passivated germanene nanoribbons. I've attached a picture of one of my nanoribbons passivated with Sulfur. I have extended the length by repeating the cell 10 times in the C direction, but I cannot select the bulk to device option. I only need Vds, no gate voltage required. I've looked into the issue, and my concern is the solutions I've found for creating the source and drain regions may change the nanoribbon by either removing the sulfur passivated atoms at the electrodes or required a different structure than armchair germanene. If my goal is to obtain an LDOS vs thickness graph for the attached nanoribbon, how should I approach this? Thank you[img]