Author Topic: the SWB model calibration usage problem of FET2DSentaurusModelCalibration calcu  (Read 104 times)

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Dear Support:
i am trying the FET2DSentaurusModelCalibration calculation, and the first step- QATK atomistic modeling has been done.

i have another machine in which the Sentaurus-TCAD-vO-2018.06 has been installed,  so I am wondering the second and third step:
1. the Sentaurus- 2018 version can be used together with QATK?
2, the reference web
told us to use the job manager of QATK to submit the job, I am wondering how to process it?  because the input file named *.py  is ATK generated´╝î and the machine installed Sentaurus-TCAD did not install ATK at all.  in fact, the manual told us it is better to separate the  QATK machine and TCAD machine.
3, if I used the job manager to submit the job, how to set the ATK executable path in the Environment tab?
4. if i did not use job manager to submit the SWB job, is there any way to generate the input file which can be handled by Sentaurus?

thank you

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1. You can try using it, but unfortunately, we can only guarantee that it will work with the previous (S-version) and the current Sentaurus releases (T-version).

2. You will need to set up two different machines in the job manager - one for running the QuantumATK calculation, and the other for running the Sentaurus TCAD calculations.
The tutorial here explains how to setup the machine for running calculations on the Sentaurus TCAD, because it is a very specific case.
The machine setup for running QuantumATK calculation should be set in a usual way, described here:  Note that both machine setups need to have QuantumATK path set in the Environment tab (see 3.), since the scripts sent through the job manager should be run by the atkpython.

3. See the attached screenshot. Just set the 'ATK executable path' field. This is an executable that will run the script provided to the job manager.

4. The current implementation does not support that. Preparing the data and running it on Sentaurus is done in one step.

Kind regards