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Free Synopsys Webinar: Machine-Learned Force Fields in QuantumATK

Date: 26th of Aug, 2021
Time 1: 9 AM CEST (Europe) / 12.30 pm IST (India) / 3 pm CST (China) / 4 pm KST (South Korea) / 4 pm JST (Japan)
Time 2: 12 pm EDT (US East Coast) / 9 am PDT (US West Coast)/ 6 pm CEST (Europe)
Duration: 1 hour (including Q&A session)
NOTE: please click on the drop-down menu to choose the most convenient time for you.

Register for the webinar here.

Studying complex multi-element materials? Amorphous? Interfaces? Stacks?
Join us for a free webinar on Aug 26 to discover how developing and using Machine-Learned Force Fields in QuantumATK for these complex materials is:
•   Easy
•   Efficient
•   Accurate

Join this Synopsys webinar to gain insights on:
•   Automated workflows for generating ab-initio data for training and validation of Machine-Learned Force Fields - Moment Tensor Potentials (MTPs), enabling users to develop and use MTPs for new materials
•   Accuracy of MTPs – comparable to DFT but 100-1000x faster
•   Realistic generation of complex multi-element structures including amorphous materials and interfaces
•   Simulation of long-timescale events in large-scale systems including thermal transport, crystallization, defect migration
•   Active Learning MTP simulations to automatically add training data during molecular dynamics simulations to obtain realistic amorphous material and liquid structures, in particular, at high temperatures

You are welcome to ask questions throughout the webinar or at the end during the Q&A session. Contact us for more information at

Register for the webinar here.

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