Author Topic: Problem in spin polarized Seebeck coefficient run using QuantumATK2022.03  (Read 854 times)

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Following error has been obtained in Spin Polarized Seebeck Coefficient. Kindly, resolve.

/home/physics/QuantumATK/QuantumATK-T-2022.03-SP1/libexec/mpiexec.hydra -n 1 /home/physics/QuantumATK/QuantumATK-T-2022.03-SP1/bin/atkpython gc4n3-mn-c7-opt-thermo.hdf5 300 0.0 &
[1] 107979
[physics@dpscluster thermo]$

License Error: Unable to obtain a required license for the
requested license feature. It could mean there are no valid
licenses left, a problem with the connection to the license
server, or the license file does not contain the requested feature.
See below for more details.

Cannot find license file.
 The license files (or license server system network addresses) attempted are
listed below.  Use LM_LICENSE_FILE to use a different license file,
 or contact your software provider for a license file.
Feature:       qatk_python
License path:
FlexNet Licensing error:-1,234

License configuration (environment variables):
*** Make sure to include the information above when contacting support ***

For assistance on resolving this matter, there are several options:

* Consult the FAQ:
* Read the installation guide:
* Find help on the Forum:
* Contact support:

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This has nothing to do with the specific calculation you are running. It just means that the license system is not configured on the machine you are running on. You would need to set the environment variable SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE to point at the license server, in the format