Author Topic: What is the current option for the previous "Analysis from File"?  (Read 1438 times)

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Hi, guys!

I am practicing Quantum ATK software by following some tutorials..

but I found that my version seems to be the lateset one, so I could not find some options from the manual.

For instance,

what is the option in Workflows that enables loading the previous data to use as a starting point?

I guess it was "Analysis from File" but now I cant find the exact name.

Thanks in advance!

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Good question, happy that we get a chance to answer it here for the benefit of all users.

  • Start we a fresh empty workflow in the Workflow Builder
  • Insert a "Load from file" block from the Algorithms group and double-click the inserted block to open it
  • Click the button "Load from file" and select the file and object in the file that you want to read in
  • Close the "Load from file" widget
  • Now you can add any analysis you want to the script. Usually it's automatically connected to the loaded object, if not (some analysis takes multiple input configurations) you can connect them manually by clicking the little colorful icons on the right (next to the red warning badge that appears in these situations).

I didn't make screenshots as I hope it's clear already but let me know if you need more guidance.