Author Topic: Eigenvalues/eigenstates in Transmission Analyzer  (Read 898 times)

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Eigenvalues/eigenstates in Transmission Analyzer
« on: March 18, 2024, 07:59 »
I am following the tutorial for quantum transport on Quantum ATK (, however I do not see any eigenvalue section within the Transmission analyzer block to visualize the eigenstates. In the tutorial, it is shown on the bottom left, but is not there now from what I can see. I am curious if an update since the tutorial, moved this section or removed it. Thank you.

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Re: Eigenvalues/eigenstates in Transmission Analyzer
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2024, 23:17 »
It was removed because it was a really exotic feature not many people used. You can still perform the analysis of course, you just need to script it, either from the Workflow Builder or, almost easier, directly by hand. Of course it was a lot more fun when you could just click, because now you need to run multiple scripts just to check how many finite transmission channels you have, and then get the eigenstate, and drag it into the Viewer...
Code: python
device_configuration = nlread("myfile.hdf5", DeviceConfiguration)[-1]
energy = 0.0*eV
eigenvalues = TransmissionEigenvalues(device_configuration, energy)
Then second run
Code: python
device_configuration = nlread("myfile.hdf5", DeviceConfiguration)[-1]
# Same energy as before
energy = 0.0*eV
# List here the interesting quantum numbers
quantum_numbers = [0,1,2]
for quantum_number in quantum_number:
    eigenstate = TransmissionEigenstate(device_configuration, energy, quantum_number=quantum_number)