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Welcome to the QuantumATK forum!
« on: December 5, 2008, 23:56 »
Welcome to the QuantumATK Forum, the place to discuss all kinds of topics related to our software products. You can ask - and answer! - questions about installation issues or general functionality, suggest new features for future releases, and share with the user community your own NanoLanguage scripts that can help others work more efficiently.

As always, be nice, be friendly, be helpful. People ask questions here because they want answers, not abuse. "Talk" to other users the way you would if you met them in person, and we shall all get along nicely with each other.

If you have comments or questions on this Forum itself, please send a message to the Administrator, using the built-in functions on the Forum (you can, for instance, click the "speech bubble" icon to the left of this post to open the messaging interface).

We hope you will find the resources and information shared on this Forum helpful. Please contribute so that others can learn from you, and please ask questions if anything is unclear, so that you can get an answer, and get on with being productive using the software!
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