Author Topic: How to calculate current value from the finite-bias transmission spectrum  (Read 177 times)

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I am using the ATK 17 and I have gotten some finite-bias transmission spectrums.  Actually, I need to get the current value at a certain bias.  How can I get the current value from the hdf5 file( for example:ivcurve_selfconsistent_configuration_-0.05000V.hdf5)

I just forgot to use IV Curve to calculate the current. What should I do now?

BTW, I have low-spin state and high-spin state configuration. For high-spin state, I need spin-up  and spin-down current. For low-spin state, I need one current value. 

Thanks so much!

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Just select all the transmission spectrum .hdf5 files for different bias and use the IV generator tool for calculating the current for different biases.