Author Topic: how to calculate the device of density of states after finishing ivcharactist  (Read 344 times)

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Dear Supporter:
i have finished IV  characteristics calculation, and now I want to calculate the device of density if states Vds AV at BV Vgs,   
but when i used Analysis from file ---->select the iv characteristic hdf5 file, and shows below, there is no option let me select the specific Vds at Vgs .
so i am wondering how to continue to calculation the Device density of states based on already ready iv characteristic hdf5 file.
thanks very much if you could give me some hints.

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If you are using the IVCharacteristics study object, you may also use it to calculate analysis objects, as discussed in the manual, and

You also extract a particular device configuration for a given gate and bias voltage, and then do analysis from file in a usual way.

Code: [Select]
iv_characteristics=nlread('device-ivcharacteristics.hdf5', IVCharacteristics)[-1]

device_configuration=iv_characteristics.configuration(1.0*Volt, 0.0*Volt)

nlsave('device-0.0-bias.hdf5', device_configuration)

where gate_source_voltage=1 .0*Volt and drain_source_voltage=0.0*Volt