Author Topic: Does it needed a special license to use the MTP features in version 2021?  (Read 48 times)

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Hi there,

While trying to run active learning template for MTP, the following error appears:

License Error: Unable to obtain a required license for the
requested license feature. It could mean there are no valid
licenses left, a problem with the connection to the license
server, or the license file does not contain the requested feature.
See below for more details.

No such feature exists.
Feature:       atk_prototype_ml
License path:  C:\Users\lion\.quantumwise\licenses\license.txt;
FlexNet Licensing error:-5,234

License configuration (environment variables):
SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE = 'C:\\Users\\lion\\.quantumwise\\licenses\\license.txt'

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Hello, you need to upgrade to QuantumATK T-2022.03-SP1 in order to use the latest MTP features with a new license. Please check with your license admin for QuantumATK on how to do that.