Author Topic: Executable error when loading file  (Read 1015 times)

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Executable error when loading file
« on: September 29, 2022, 11:17 »

I have recently stumbled upon a problem with launching GUI of ATK-T SP-1 (2022.03) on Windows 10.
When I launch executable, an error message is printed as follows:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
  File "zipdir\NL\GUI\Main\", line 245, in main
  File "zipdir\NL\GUI\Preferences\", line 128, in loadSettings
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '\x00'

If I understand correctly, there is an error with file, where an input for int() is not a number, yet some other quantity.
The problem began after a crash of the Windows system from reasons not connected to the ATK itself and presumably, changing the file would be sufficient to solve the issue. My problem is, I cannot find this file anywhere on the hard disk. In particular, I don't really understand the directory "zipdir". Which zip?

Do You have any idea how to reach this file manually or resolve the problem any other way?

The problem is strictly with GUI - atkpython.exe in cmd runs perfectly fine.
The problem is independent on the version of ATK (i tried R,S and T versions)

I'd be grateful for any help,

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Re: Executable error when loading file
« Reply #1 on: October 4, 2022, 09:49 »
Did you enable software rendering when installing QuantumATK? Can you show us the content of the file ~/.vnl/software-rendering (Linux) or C:\Users\<USER>\.vnl\software-rendering (Windows)?

The file is part of the QuantumATK source code which is not part of the installed program and thus not accessible to users. The problem is not due to a problem in that file, but because it tries to read a number from a settings file which is likely corrupted.